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Nearly 100 people attended Sen. Jerry Moran’s town hall stop Wednesday at the Clarion Inn in Garden City, where healthcare and education were two of the main topics.

Zach Worf, a former Democratic state senate candidate from Holcomb, asked Moran if he would support universal healthcare, referencing President Donald Trump’s comment during the campaign about a single-tiered health care system. He also asked if Moran believed that every American deserves health care — not as in access, but as a right.

“I believe that rights are things that are guaranteed to a citizen by the Constitution, so it would be very difficult for me to say that every American has a right,” Moran said, adding that the U.S. gives the opportunity to access health care. “What we have is the responsibility to try and make things work better for more people.”

“Not all people, just more?” Worf asked.

“Well, for everybody,” Moran said.

That prompted Worf to say, “That would be universal healthcare.”

Moran said that by universal healthcare, he would mean wanting every American to have access to healthcare. He said he’s willing to find ways to increase the number of people who have access to healthcare but doesn’t believe it’s guaranteed by the federal government.

Moran also said that at town hall meetings he’s attended, he’s heard from people both for and against the Affordable Care Act. He said he advocates for more investment in community health care centers and trying to keep people out of emergency rooms, which he sees as an expensive way to provide care.

Moran said veterans need more access to health care, noting that his staff has spent more time on veteran issues than anything else. He said he has made it a point to try to figure out how to make the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health care system, which he referred to as a “bureaucratic mess,” work.

Moran said he has heard mixed reviews…

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