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To begin action because action coming will make many sequences prepares to move continuously with favorite actors with whom you participate body and soul during movies.
“The target” follows the life of a mercenary as any man living normal at that time can appears before a turning point that is meant to unsettle his whole being it’s those moments that we want to forget but that can never escape.
The main character on his name Yeo-Hoo found one day with something that no one would want to hear it and see let alone and this something is a body in front of which each would react surprised and full of terror.
Body in question did not appear out of nowhere but was specially ‘delivered’ by someone the main character was still in the building find give them the following with action coming.
But the authors of such villains knowing that the dead body was found and did not stay much thought and went to second murder but this time the victim in question is none other than Yeo-Hoo that decide to shoot him.
Now ought to follow complaint because he went to the other world and everything that should be followed when someone dies.
But contrary character seems to be a lucky one out of the way as get in serious condition at a nearby hospital.
Police appears in landscape and after a while it discovers that that body belonged to a great man who owned a huge company and from this moment things get complicated in the worst possible sens for Yeo-Hoo.
Is suspected that he would be the author of this destardly act and misfortunes do not stop find lots with action coming there but keep losing his head because the real criminals have learned that survived and is on his trail but escape from the hospital with an emergency man.

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