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Cycle of life: DJ Dave has pledged to ride bicycles more often in order to stay fit.

SEPANG: Datuk Irwan Shah Abdullah, popularly known as DJ Dave, has entertained a multitude of Malaysians over a career spanning four decades.

He has shared the muhibbah spirit with his audience comprising every ethnic group in the country through classic tunes such as Maafkanlah and Laguku Untukmu.

The legendary singer brings this same philosophy to Ride for Malay­sia, a cycling event spearheaded by the Star Media Group and fast-rising property developer Sunsuria Bhd.

“The Malays, Chinese, Indians and Punjabis have all enjoyed my music over the years,” he said.

He likens the power of music to that of the strength of sports, as both are able to break social, cultural and religious barriers.

“They are a great way of fostering friendship and goodwill. With love, we can help so many people,” he added.

Ride for Malaysia seeks to unite Malaysians of all ages in a celebration of the nation’s heritage and accomplishments.

The event also aspires to inspire Malaysians to move together as a nation, solidified in unity and harmony.

DJ Dave might be pushing 70, but the debonair crooner has the boundless energy of a teenager. Still cutting his trim figure of yesteryear, he looks very much a picture of health.

“It is our responsibility to look after ourselves. Sure, we need money but what good is that without good health?

“I’ve always believed that health is wealth,” he reasoned at the recent launch of Ride for Malaysia.

DJ Dave doesn’t ride bicycles as avidly as he used to as a boy, but has pledged to get back at it as an added way of staying fit.

His main fitness regime comes from playing badminton.

A singles quarter-finalist at last year’s All-England Open Badmin­ton Championship in the veterans’ category, DJ Dave has also won two silver medals in the veteran singles and doubles categories at the World Morning Cup Bad­minton Championship in Taipei.

“I have a slight…

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