Must have Apps for Android Tablet Users

Learn a new language

If you are the one who is keen on learning new language then Duolingo is the app for you. This app uses the approach of a game like scenario that helps you learn a new language. The UI is neat and easy to use that is good to look at on tablet display. This app will help you learn French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and German. If you speak any of the given language as your native tongue then this app can even help you with learning English. Download this app for free from Google app store.

Documentation and presentation

Even though there is virtual keypad provided for entering text but still it is not a convenient option. You would definitely like to have a keyboard offered by OfficeSuite Pro 7 version. This app is easy to use and convenient for entering text documents, preparing Power Point presentations and Spreadsheets. You will be easily able to create spreadsheets and presentations effortlessly. This app is suitable for touch controls and is available for $14.99.

Messaging app

Sending text messages for a text addict is the most essential service. With Google Voice you are allowed to send text messages to another contact. This is regardless of the carrier service and the phone used by the receiver. However, there are many other apps available for messaging but you will still enjoy Google Voice over others for its flexibility.

Web reading

Owning a tablet gives you the opportunity to read documents and content on big screen. The display and the crisp content is all that is required for a perfect online or offline read. Flipboard helps you enhance your experience and allows you to view web content. The detailed images, minimalistic style and content clarity all are favorable. Additionally, touch interface works well with this app.

Reading content

If you are the one who is more interested in reading content or e-books then you must be familiar with Amazon. The Amazon Kindle app is just the right choice for avid readers like you. With this app you will gain access to many e-books and read them on your tablet. You can do so either by purchasing them or by borrowing them. This app allows in synchronizing your position and even displays highlighted selections. This way you will have a uniform reading experience throughout your devices.

Read online comics

For all those who are still hooked on to comics Comixology is the app for them. As the name suggests this app gives you access to thousands of online digital comics. You can easily purchase comics though this app. You are given a reading mode where you are guided panel-by-panel. The images and text displayed are sharp that give you amazing reading experience.

Security software

The most essential thing that you are concerned about is safety of your gadget. Your tablet too needs that extra security especially from malware. Other threats like theft and loss too are inevitable. The best way is to install a security suite like Bitdefender. This app helps you by providing…

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