Nikon Coolpix S1200PJ The Projector Camera

The Nikon Coolpix S1200PJ is an awesome camera that has loads of features to capture awesome images is what the Nikon Coolpix S1200 PJ reviews have to say about the camera. Shots incredible HD video provides great action shots of any kind and has greater speed.The digital camera is a combination of beauty and brains and both work incredibly well to attract the buyers and provide them with quality images and movies.This stylish camera has innovative features that are definitely going to be loved by the users.The most exciting thing in the S1200 is the built in projector that provides enhanced functions, is super powerful and develops brighter and vivid image quality and super contrast.

The Coolpix provides you with 14.1 mega pixels image sensor and has optically stabilized 5 x wide angle optical zoom lens and ranges from 28 mm to 140 mm equivalent. The design is super cool and is a very compact and sleek camera that is great to hold and operate.The body is smooth and stylish and has perfectly set buttons that can come in hand easily while operating.It has a 3inch LCD screen and comes with a resolution of 14.1 mega pixels.It is provided with 4x digital zoom and 5x optical zoom lens.The dimensions of the S1200 are 107×63.4×22.6mm and the weight is 186 grams.

The Nikon Coolpix has a built in projector that can support sills, videos, YouTube via the devices of Apple iPhone, iPod and the iPad. The camera provides you with 20 lumen output and the contrast ration is 100:1 along with the digital light processing display.The camera is equipped with 40% more brightness as compared to the other cameras.It can also project movies up to 5 feet large diagonally and in bright and clear images.For smoother operations and better effects, you get the illuminated buttons, handy wireless remote and optimal projection along with stand.

The images captured on the S1200 give you a lie time memory and you can share them with friends and family as well. The secure digital card is used…

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