Northeast Beef Directory website launches link with local producers

The Northeast Beef Directory website, launched in April, takes consumers a big step closer to buying local beef. The directory links them with beef producers making direct sales and butchers in 11 states — Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. Check it out by Googling Northeast Beef Directory.

Targets discerning food buyers
USDA and beef checkoff studies confirm that local beef has a “sweet spot” in the eyes of Northeast consumers. They’re more discerning with their food dollar when seeking beef, compared to all U.S. consumers. They generally choose to purchase their meat from specialty stores or markets that sell more than meat cuts; they sell a “story” associated with the product. 

The Northeast also has the highest number of farms direct-selling food to consumers. And beef is the No. 1 food commodity sold directly from the farms. That’s why the national beef checkoff launched the Northeast Beef Directory through a partnership with the Virginia Beef Industry Council.

NORTHEAST BEEF: This website graphic opens the gate to video comments from beef producers.

Virginia’s directory was a prototype for the Northeast. “It has performed very well,” notes Valerie Rasmussen, VBIC’s director of consumer information and marketing. And she adds, “The beef directories are also gateways for educating consumers about their beef options and how to be smart shoppers. Extending this resource into the Northeast will benefit another large population of farm-removed consumers.”

How to get involved
“The goal is to help connect Northeast consumers with local beef markets and farmers selling beef directly,” explains Christie Brown, director of promotions for the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative. Any beef producer or butcher shop in the region selling beef directly to the public is encouraged to be a part of the directory….

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