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I believe in not cheating people and not getting cheated as well. This is Mahesh Shenoy from Mysore and I am a Bank officer. As all Bank employees I get transferred every three years and I need to shift all my house hold things to a complete new city, a new place all together. Every time I shift I need to give away all old stuff to either the garbage collector or to our maid.

My son is studying in an engineering college close by and has a huge collection of old books. I was not sure what to do with these books because they are pretty expensive and I don’t want to treat them like a old news paper. Once I tried selling these books to a local second hand book dealer and he paid me 50 Rs for my book which costs 400RS. So after few days while I was going through the same street where I had sold these books, I had a curiosity to check out the rates he quoted for my old book. I pointed at my book and asked him the prize and without any hesitation he said 300Rs. This made me very upset and felt cheated as well. To be true I wouldn’t mind selling these books for cheap if the reader makes good use of it.

After shifting to Kolkata, I had a new bank colleague who shared this idea of selling books online. I explained him my plight and the way I was cheated. He suggested to login to BookAdda where we can sell old books and quote the rates as we wish. The best part is you get your own book shelf which helps you buy and sell books. This was very simple and I could easily follow the application. Now, I have also told my son about this app, he buys old books online and sells them once he reads them.

I had more than 30 old books which were in pretty good condition. I sold all of them at, and earned some good money. I was shocked to see the response for my old books and also enjoyed communicating with the buyers as well. I wish this technology would be present during my college days. I would have saved money and also read all those good books which I always wished to read.

You can follow these simple steps to sell old books India:

Step 1: Install and Log on to the BookAdda face book Bookshelf App.
Step 2: Click on ‘buy/sell old books’ and browse through the list of books if you want to buy or upload info about books you want to sell
Step 3: Contact seller directly and buy book or wait for buyer to contact you if you are selling

So, enjoy selling your old books and get richer. Also buy old books and enjoy reading them.

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