Paymo Announces Smart Resource Scheduling For Teams in the Services Industry

Paymo the modern project management platform designed for teams in the professional services industry, today announced the release of a major enhancement to its project planning and scheduling capability, allowing project managers to cut down time on resource scheduling and simplifying the whole process with automation. Starting today services organisations can more easily plan and make adjustments to deliver on time and on schedule.

“Managing and planning time effectively for teams can be very challenging.” said Jan Lukacs, CEO and co-founder of Paymo. “To stay ahead of competition and be profitable, successful teams need to be in full control of their time. Planning and managing resources is key to their success. The need to allocate professionals to work on multiple projects at any given time can get very frustrating and usually involves a lot of manual work, separate tools and lots of coordination and communication. We thought long about solving this problem, and with the new features we announced today, we’re giving professional services firms the ability to plan end execute much better with less effort – all within the same software platform.”

Introducing Smart Resource Management

Most organisations still rely on a suite of tools to plan projects, schedule, track time and build reports. This fragmented process makes project managers and planners struggle by juggling different tools that usually don’t integrate well with each other. Paymo provides an end-to-end solution to manage projects through their entire lifecycle by integrating automatic scheduling, planning, time tracking and reporting.

The new capabilities announced today address critical stages of resource management by automatically suggesting a team schedule based on existing planning…

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