Becoming a parent is one of the finest gifts and parents are perhaps the most unsung heroes in the world. If the parenting is right, the children grow up with the right qualities and also realize and explore their potentials. On the other hand, if the parenting practices adopted are not up to the mark, children tend to develop negative qualities and remain in their own confines. Therefore, attention has to be paid to the type of parenting you are giving to your child. The concept of positive parenting comes as a lifesaver here. It defines some exceptionally useful tips on parenting that can help you in easing the entire journey of parenting.

What is positive parenting?
Broadly speaking, to be a good, supportive and understanding parent is the basic step to eliminate the distance from the joys of positive parenting. As a parent, you have the power to raise those who will lead the world one day. Keep your eyes and ears open and think before judging to understand the nuances of parenting skills a little better. This is positive parenting. In the race of life, we forget about the big impact our little actions cause on our young ones as they are in the most impressionable years of their lives. Our behaviour determines their personalities to a large extent.

Making them feel loved
Love in our hearts for our children never diminishes but we fail to make them realize the same. Lack of expressing love is never good for the overall development of your child, whereas expressing love is as important as unavoidable everyday tasks like giving them meals. Do not think twice before fulfilling your urge to hug them, pat their back or kiss them on their foreheads for a good thing they did. Even if they tell you they feel awkward in such situations in front of their peers, they will never miss on the goodness of love you share with them.

Let them be themselves
Every child is unique and his or her uniqueness needs to be preserved in the most careful manner. This will help them be more confident and happy in their future endeavours. Let them jump on the sofa and make noise while playing. Besides making comments on how humiliated you feel because of them, enjoy their childishness, for they will not be so small for long. If the child eats in a messy way or comes home with mud all over, give him a warm smile instead of a rough stare; after all, he is just a little kid. Cleaning stains from clothes is a much easier and convenient task than wiping out the wrong impressions from his mind. What difference will it bring? You will shortly see the difference.

Respect your child
All the children do have self-respect, irrespective of their size and age and it is high time that parents understand this fact. If you go by the experts’ tips on parenting, you will know the ill-effects of making your babies feel disrespected or shattering their self-esteem with harsh words. Bruised self-respect will never let your kid have a full of love and expression relationship with you. The whole concept of respecting a human being who is much smaller and younger than you might be new and hard to accept, but it can do wonders in shaping the life of your young one for better.

Parenthood is one lifelong celebration
Becoming a parent is not a one-time celebration that takes place on the birth of the child. In fact, it is a lifelong rejoicing that rejuvenates each passing year. In this extensive journey, your child will gift you countless reasons to smile, laugh and experience pure love. But as these gifts start to unfold, we tend to keep a track of problems and stop counting our blessings. Positive parenting is not merely about fulfilling your responsibilities but enjoying being a parent.

These result-oriented tips on parenting might look vague on the surface level but if you have a deeper look and adopt them in your everyday life, the results will definitely surprise you. Positive parenting negates the practice of making your child a super kid before letting him be a child alone. Make each moment with your child a special one, and your relationship with the apple of your eyes will never be dependent on the availability of time again.

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by sudha gupta
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