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Bridging the perceived divide between industrial design and product engineering, we take the design work (yours or ours) and develop from those concepts into solid, hard-lined engineering drawings, choice of materials and manufacturing processes, tolerances and finishes. We know how things work, have broad knowledge of materials properties and have abundant real world experience with myriad manufacturing processes.

Trusted Product Engineering Service

It can be quite overwhelming to find a solid reputable company that provides product engineering services. Although there are many companies that “specialize” in this service, there are very few that deliver top quality product engineering services. If you require the very best product engineering services at a an affordable rate, then Applied Design Solutions is the perfect choice. Located in New York state, our firm that has a zeal for making our clients happy. Clients choose to work with Applied Design Solutions for a number of reasons including:

* Fast and Efficient Product Engineering Work
* Economical and Affordable Product Engineering Rates
* Knowledgeable Product Engineering Experts
* Friendly and Affable Customer Service

Our staff members have been involved in product manufacturing, prototyping, engineering and industrial design for over three decades. If you are looking for the right prototype engineer, then look no further than Applied Design Solutions. Product engineering is our passion.

Our Product Engineering Approach

We can provide all aspects of your product engineering services. If you have a specific idea for a product, we can help you make it come to life for the rest of the world to enjoy. We approach product engineering with the highest degree of consideration and care. We perform thorough research that helps pinpoint suitable technological practices that determines performance requirements. We analyze a variety of pertinent factors during our product research. We analyze performance, overall costs and much more. We assist our clients with a broad assortment of key specialties including embedded design, hardware design and wireless connectivity. Clients who require a well-rounded product engineering specialists will benefit significantly from partnering with Applied Design Solutions. We are a design, engineering and prototyping firm that never settles for work that is less than outstanding; we strive and achieve the very best for our product engineering clients.

Product Prototype Engineering and Our Team

Our product engineering and prototyping knowledge is extensive. We offer comprehensive and detailed product engineering services that helps turn your concept into a tangible product. We provide information that can help guide you through the product concept, design and engineering process. If you are determined to make it, we have the ability to help you through the entire product development process.

Our company is equipped with prototype production abilities that provides our clients with ease and convenience. If you are searching for a firm that can move between engineering and design work quickly and easily, then Applied Design Solutions is the right fit.

We routinely come to the aid of clients who are searching for help with product design, engineering and prototyping. In many cases, they have tried other companies but were disappointed in the high cost, low quality of service and overall value. We give all of our clients consistent and reliable results which includes the finest product design and engineer work available anywhere. Our priority at Applied Design Solutions is to always go above and beyond; we make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with our service and their products.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Prototype Manufacturing, Prototype development & Prototype engineering

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Prototype Manufacturing, Prototype development

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