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Louis Dybel was studying to be a psychologist when a friend told him about a great way to make money to help pay for school.

“He said, ‘Why don’t you go to downtown Chicago and get yourself a job as a bellboy?’ ” says Dybel, who grew up in Hammond. “To me it was just going to be a short-term job.”

Two decades later, Dybel is a concierge with the Hyatt Regency McCormack Chicago Hotel and has written a funny behind-the-scenes look about his experiences in “20 Years on the Gold Coast” about his years in the hotel business.

“I grew up in a blue collar environment,” says Dybel, noting that his grandparents were immigrants who barely spoke English. “And suddenly I’m 19 and being thrown into this upscale environment.”

It was indeed a heady experience.

“I’ve told these stories to my friends and family for years,” Dybel says about the impetus to write his book.

And what stories they are.

“Mick Jagger checked into the hotel and told me, ‘I want to you to plan my next two days, here’s my credit card,’ ” recalls Dybel, who also met such celebrities as Princess Diana and Bill Cosby.

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Dybel never got his degree in psychology, but most likely learned a whole lot about human behavior on the job. Over the years, he has worked at The Drake Hotel as the director of guest services; at the historical Warwick Allerton Chicago; at the Park Hyatt Chicago; and he is also the director of public relations for the Chicago Hotel Concierge Association.

The combination of his years of rubbing shoulders with the great combined with his love of writing worked well for Dybel. When he was a student at Columbia Elementary School in Hammond, his…

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