Rotary Senior Living In Eagle Grove, Iowa Introduces New Avera eCARE Telemedicine Services To The Community With Public Demonstrations Of The Technology

“Avera eCARE virtual center not only provides around-the-clock urgent care, it also provides ongoing education, patient care and transitional assistance to the facility,” states Jennifer Carpenter, Sr Care Account Executive Avera eCARE

Avera eCARE Senior Care Long-term Care Program connects residents to providers at the Avera eCARE virtual hospital using two-way, audiovisual telemedicine technology. With the help of facility staff, the Long-Term Care Program can accurately assess residents’ conditions. The service helps to reduce transfers to an emergency room, or even to a physician’s clinic which can be uncomfortable, unsetting and costly.

The new service at Rotary Senior Living has numerous advantages and benefits. Jennifer Carpenter, eCARE Senior Account Executive, discussed how beneficial the service is to groups attending the Open House and who also actually participated in two-way video demonstrations.

The discussion focused on the access to a board-certified geriatrician and other geriatric specialists, reduction in cost of transporting to medical facilities, reduces unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations, enhances resources available to long-term care staff, helps to ensure earlier treatment for acute conditions and boosts patient well-being and family satisfaction. All of the services are in direct collaboration and support of the local primary care physicians who provide care to the Rotary Senior Living residents.

“Using the latest in health care technology and remote monitoring of patients, Avera eCARE Senior Care allows a resident to stay in a familiar setting while receiving high-quality health care for needs that require the attention of a medical provider,” states…

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