Sheet metal apprenticeship organized in rural Alaska

CVRF and the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 23 are working together to develop a training program for rural Alaskans. David Ayagalria Theodore Brown, Thomas Brown and Willie Egoak were among rural Alaskans who attended the first training, which focused on sheet metal, welding, refrigeration and electrical on February 15-17, 2017.
(Photo: Rachel Ayuprun / CVRF)

Rural and urban Alaska can be very different worlds, and skills used in constructing buildings or maintaining equipment in one might not apply to the other. For example, most rural Alaskan communities use fuel oil for heating, while cities largely use natural gas. Most rural homes use metal roofing, while urban homes use shingles. This week, a new partnership of urban trainers and rural workers is seeing if it can take what’s taught in urban Alaska and create an apprenticeship program for rural communities.

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