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SKANEATELES — The Skaneateles Area Chamber of Commerce executive director hopes a directory sign listing Jordan and Fennell street businesses and their locations will entice out-of-towners to visit those areas of the village as well as the downtown.

During Thursday’s village Board of Trustees meeting, Tara Lynn presented a concept for two identical signs — one to be located on the Community Bank building at the northeast corner of Genesee and Jordan streets and the other to be located on the Seitz Building at the northwest corner.

After the village Historic Landmarks Preservation Commission gave its approval during its meeting Tuesday, the village board subsequently gave its approval conditioned on the completion of the sign permit application.

Lynn said the discussion of the sign and one of its locations “has been in the works for years now,” which she learned when she spoke to Community Bank building owner Michael Falcone and heard from him that he granted permission for the sign on his building a decade ago.

Most recently, she said, Trustee Gregg Eriksen headed a sign committee that included members of the HLPC, Chamber of Commerce and village Planning Board as well as a Jordan Street business owner, a Fennell Street business owner and a Genesee Street business owner.

“It was a lovely committee, and we were really efficient and came up with some great ideas,” Lynn said before presenting what she called “the final design that we came up with.”

She said the sign would be similar in dimension and style to a sign that already exists on Seitz Building. The left side of the sign would list shops on Fennell Street and the right side shops on Jordan Street, with plaques listing categories of businesses under each street.

Lynn said it was HLPC member Kathy Dyson who recommended listing business generically rather than specifically.

“Instead of listing Infused! as a business on Fennell, listing specialty foods,” Lynn said. “Because, really, most people don’t know what Infused! is or My Three Boys or what have you. Let’s just list the categories to encourage people to keep going a little bit further.”

Each business category would have a symbol, and a map above the lists of businesses would depict through the symbols where those establishments are located. It would also point out Skaneateles Lake, Skaneateles Creek, the Skaneateles Historical Society Museum at the Creamery, and Austin Park and other village parks, “a few points that we know will not be changing,” Lynn said. There would be no arrows, but a “you are here” dot would help orient those looking at the map.

“The goal of this sign is to entice walking traffic to keep going, to just let them know that there are other businesses on Jordan and Fennell streets,” Lynn said. “It’s something that I myself for the past three years have repeatedly heard from Jordan and…

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