Snow surfing in great POW is excellent surfing fitness

SURFING: It is said that the best surfing workout on the planet is surfing and that any additional surfing fitness or training may provide slight advantages for competitive surfers or those who catch waves regularly.

Hayden hits the POW on the slopes in Hokkaido, Japan.

However, if you cannot surf frequently due to career, living inland, kids, etc. surfing workouts and paddling fitness can pay off big time, with more waves, improved power and enhanced confidence every time you do paddle out and hit the surf.

Let’s face it though, ripping into some turns and having fun on a board is going to be better than the best ‘surfing workout’ out there, for many reasons. (Enjoyment, nueromuscular facilitation, sport specific surf training, endorphin’s etc. etc. I could go on…)

And one of the best sports that simulates surfing, is to find great POW and go snow surfing.

I want to encourage you, that, no matter your age, or where you are, you can achieve more with your surfing fitness and live the lifestyle you dream about.

If your starving for waves and have good mountains close by, I highly recommend heading to the snow for a surf fix while also bolstering your surfing fitness.

And Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, is the perfect location, and I’ve got to say, if you go at the right time Hokkaido will provide the snow – you just have to GO.

I know some of you may be thinking, “but your ankles and feet are stuck in boots and bindings – it’s hardly like surfing where ankle strength and mobility is a crucial part of surfing fitness”.

However, in deep powder snow and utilizing the latest surf snowboards, the similarity to surfing is incredible. The turns and full body surfing movements far out weigh the need to have ‘free feet’ (such as in wake skating or skateboarding; other excellent surfing training options btw).

You can also snow-surf without bindings… but it just ain’t the same.

But also, please remember when travelling to support local…

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