Seattle Police detectives are going public with a private loss. One of their colleagues died suddenly while he was working on a high-profile case.

Now Detective Ron Cordova’s friends and co-workers are trying to honor him by helping his family.

Cordova investigated some of the department’s most high-profile police shootings, including the shootout between three officers and a gunman near the Federal Building last month.

No matter how complicated the case, the clock starts ticking right away for the department’s Force Investigation Team. Cordova knew he had a 75-day deadline to figure out if the police shooting was justified. 

“From pretty much that point forward, as far as investigations go, I don’t think he had a day off,” said his partner, Detective Steve Corbin.

Corbin said Cordova was working on the case at home one weekend when a brain aneurysm killed him.  

“Very sudden and unexpected and the family, as you can imagine when something like that happens, is broken,” Corbin said.

Now a department…