State-Imposed Feminism Needs To Vilify Fathers for Control of Family

‘Domestic Violence’ is the Orwellian phrase for justifying women-favored family court outcomes that ignore the rights of fathers while enslaving them to the mother and the state. So what does such a phrase engender to those ‘in the know’?

Domestic violence is the basis for a tens of billion dollar industry often associated with the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). This Act supplies billions of dollars each year for almost two decades now to presumably protect women from abusive men mostly through new and aggressive laws for prosecuting men and restraining them from further alleged abuse of women. It’s expanded to include a variety of programs geared to helping women such as

* Community violence prevention programs

* Protections for victims who are evicted from their homes because of events related to domestic violence or stalking

* Funding for victim assistance services, like rape crisis centers and hotlines

* Legal aid for survivors of violence

These new and aggressive laws, referred to as Domestic Violence laws, for prosecuting and restraining men is a euphemism for violating men’s – most often fathers’ – fundamental right to due process when a complaint of abuse by a woman is lodged against them. Nevertheless, the National Organization for Women (NOW) has described the Act as ‘the greatest breakthrough in civil rights for women’. This demonstrates that ‘women’s rights’ mean ‘women’s privileges’- privileges that come at the expense of the fundamental rights of men.

The original passage of this act in 1994 represented the demise of constitutional protections under the excuse of serving a ‘greater good’ if it’s sufficiently propagandized to be so! In this case, feminism demands that the state should privilege women for their complaints against allegedly abusive men. The continued passage of this act with its enormous funding has help grow the state-based Divorce and Domestic Violence Industry- an industry composed of the judicial and executive government branches and a host of ancillaries and benefactors – including mothers – who live off the violation of fathers’ fundamental rights under family court suits.

VAWA is fully consistent with feminist ideology demands that the state ensures its women-favored outcomes based on whatever excuse – invariably depending on some ‘abusive-to-women’ nature of men – it can contrive to justify that outcome. Of course, this feminist approach to control society must necessarily sidestep the fundamental and equal rights of men. That’s what makes state-imposed feminism a tyranny – a divide and conquer tyranny against men and freedom. ‘Feminazism’ best characterizes such state-imposed feminism.

-Domestic Violence propaganda is more than essential – it’s paramount to maintaining feminazism:

Since VAWA addresses violence against women, it’s paramount that men are seen as the cause of abuse to women with women as the natural victims of domestic violence. Maintaining that one-sided – i.e. sex bias in the law – is essential to maintaining and expanding upon the feminazi ‘divide and conquer’ subjugation of men and the demise of our fundamental rights including our right to due process that protects those rights – the ‘greater good’ that the U.S. was formed to secure for each of us.

Three ways to ensure that men are easily subjugated to the state and denied their due process rights are:

1. Make a complaint of ‘domestic abuse’ an easy way for a woman to eliminate a father from his home and his children by alleging his abuse of her.

2. Train women that almost anything annoying her that a man does is a form of abuse.

3. Propagandize ‘domestic violence’ as overwhelmingly men abusing ‘victimized women’.

The first is achieved by domestic restraining orders that require her only to say that she ‘fears’ him. Such subjective – and operationally unsubstantiated to any worthwhile objective standard – accusations will eliminate a father at a mother’s whim. Also the feminist-inspired ‘women don’t lie’ propaganda is pushed for sufficiency in ‘she says/he says’ legal confrontations.

The second teaches women through funding from VAWA that simple things like using logic, controlling money he earns, expecting conjugal relations if married, or interrupting when a woman is speaking are to be seen as abusive male behavior. The third is achieved by an almost complete cover-up of the statistics and true nature of what domestic violence is. Most reliable studies – the ones not funded by VAWA or supported by feminist organizations – show that domestic arguments are pretty much 50/50 as to who starts them in husband-wife encounters. Those that achieve any real violence are relatively rare – perhaps 3%. Such studies are pretty much ignored by feminist-controlled family courts since it undermines the women-good/ men-bad feminist scenario of life.

Also, the use of the phrase ‘domestic violence’ in news reports appears whenever the man is the alleged perpetrator but seems unnaturally absent when women are the alleged perpetrator of violence in the home.

A recent film called ‘Monsters’ supported by the Verizon Foundation furthers the feminist propaganda of the abusive nature of heterosexual marriage. It’s geared to create a fear of a father for any child watching it. It’s a disgusting film with naturally no balance. It’s been widely criticized and reflects the anti-male bashing so politically acceptable under feminist ideology.

-Bottom line:

Justifying Women’s Privileges/Rights at the expense of men’s fundamental rights ultimately rests on promoting fraudulent and invidious characteristics and claims about feminism’s contrived epidemic of male-perpetrated ‘domestic violence’ against victimized women. In fact it’s all a fraud to control and promote women-favored outcomes in domestic suits of custody and divorce.

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