Stay Clean and Confident At Outdoor With Portable Camping Shower

Camping is a recreational activity that revives insight of human beings are fill them with enthusiasm.
In fact, every should involve himself or herself in any outdoor activity like hiking, camping in woods or mountains and trekking. But lack of facilities discourages many people to stay at outdoor no longer than one day. At least they, do not want to stay dirty in lack of clean shower at outdoor. But advancement in technology has introduced many portable products like portable water heaters, privacy enclosure, shower portable, kitchen kits and many more. Count is almost endless. With these products, availability of shower is no more a hassle at outdoor. These products have made camping easier and more fun for everyone from kids to aged people.

With a variety of camping showers available in market today, there is no need to stay dirty and grimy at outdoor. Now you can start every camping day with full enthusiasm. There are many types of camping showers available in market. Two main types are:

Solar shower: It is lightweight solar bag most suitable for camping on foot. The bag is made up of rugged plastic material that is tear and puncture resistant. The bag can hold about 4 gallons of water and takes 3-4 hours to heat the water. Solar shower is easy to install. Just fill the bag with water and hang it on a tree in sunlight few hours before the usage. After the usage, empty bag can be folded into a small purse size package. An empty bag weighs as small as 2 pounds. Bag comprises of a small hose and adjustable shower head. You can hang the camp shower head on a tree to enjoy hand free shower or hold it in hand.

Propane shower: One of the most convenient shower for camping is propane based unit. These showers make use of propane as fuel to heat up the water. Water pumps are powered by batteries to draw the water from water source. They do not consist of shower bag. The water source is simple container that can hold about 5 gallons water and heats up the water in a few minutes. This is also called on demand shower as the water is heated only when it is needed. Due to lightweight, they are great for car camping as well. Unit can be dismantle for easy storage and transportation.

To have a higher degree privacy, you can use shower with privacy enclosure at outdoor. Before deciding upon a particular type, go through the online reviews on websites of camping stores. It will help you select best dealer in the market.

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