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Steroid information used to be very hard to come by until recently with the advent of the information era, also known as the Internet. Steroid information is now at your finger tips, just a few keys strokes away. Sounds great, right? In theory, yes, but in reality, there is so much misinformation, that finding reliable steroid information can be a daunting task.

There is no way to know the information you are reading is valid or reliable, so the best way to get the steroid information is to go to reputable web sights, or well known authors to gather your steroid information. Steroid information can be found by simply using a search engine to research information, as well as by perusing the various plethoras of web boards currently in vogue.

Steroid information, until recently used to come by word of mouth, usually from the local steroid expert, who was titled as such because he was bigger than everyone else in the gym. More often than not, this supposed expert knew less than your average gym user but because he was the biggest guy in the gym, he must be an expert….right?

It wasn’t until the late 80’s that anabolic steroid information became available in hardback and at last bodybuilders were able to read good steroid information for themselves. Thanks to authors like Dan Duchaine, Bill Llewellyn and Bill Phillips, the muscle guys at the gym became redundant and bodybuilders were no longer mislead when it came to taking steroids safely.

Steroid information is now right at your fingertips, and asking the local gym rat or buying books is no longer necessary, and sometimes not recommended. The problem with garnering steroid information from steroid web boards is that the information may not necessarily be correct, and could be potentially harmful. Everyone with a keyboard is now an Internet guru and can easily convince anyone of their incredible knowledge by using the cut and paste method to steal other people’s information and pasting it as their own.

You can get Steroid info with ease, but take my advise that this type of information should be properly researched from a variety of different sources, and should be viewed with concern and caution when gathered from steroid webs sites. I am only going to recommend one site and you can do all the safe checks yourselves, but I am sure that you will find no bad press on as it really is the top site out there.

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