Most of us are grateful for the rain, but when rain falls on one Stone Oak neighborhood, they’re also bracing for impact.


“When it’s raining, most of the time, we don’t go in the backyard because we know something’s gonna happen,”  Abraham Arias said, whose fence was knocked down by a driver who lost control.


Arias is one of many frustrated homeowners who live along Knights Cross Drive near Stone Oak Parkway. 


Neighbors in the Knights Cross neighborhood told us when it rains, the fence has been repeatedly hit by speeding cars swerving out of control.


Those affected live off Visor Drive, on the other side of their backyard fence is Knights Cross, which is a major artery connecting Stone Oak Parkway to Evans.


The fence along Knights Cross is multicolored because of the amount of times cars have plowed through. Arias, a resident of seven months, is the most recent victim.


“‘I heard a bang! A strong bang!’  Arias’s son said over the phone Sunday evening. 


Around 11:30 p.m. Sunday, a van crashed through the Arias family’s fence. Arias’s son was home at the time.


“He thought it was in the front of the house, but then he came to the back and he saw there was no fence,” Arias said. “This is the third time we’ve had a situation like this.”


The van rammed through his backyard and into his next door neighbor’s yard. Arias tells us in the last three weeks, drivers crashed into his neighbor’s fence two times.


Neighbors told KENS 5 the driver of the van was seriously injured.


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