Teds Woodworking Package – A Scam?

Brief Overview Of Teds Woodworking Plans

Whether or not you are new to woodworking (and looking to pick up some woodworking skills), or you are an advanced or even a professional woodworker, Teds Woodworking plans is something you would definitely love.

In Teds Woodworking plans, you will discover in a 200-page guide everything you need to know about the hobby of woodworking (best suited for beginners). Also, you will find a total of more than 16,000 woodworking projects, as well as full, detailed plans for each and every project (suitable for beginner, advanced, and professional woodworkers).

Plus, you’ll also find in Teds Woodworking plans, over 150 instructional videos for those who would prefer to learn woodworking by watching videos, instead of reading.

Pros & Cons Of Teds Woodworking Plans

In this section, we shall be taking a look at both the positive, as well as negative points, about Teds Woodworking Plans.

Among some of the positive points include – We find the entire package to be extremely comprehensive, where you will get all the necessary information including schematics, blueprints, materials list, dimensions, etc. which is absolutely helpful in helping one to easily get started.

Also, each and every single plan that you will find in the members’ area of Teds Woodworking is very clearly drawn, along with very detailed step-by-step instructions on exactly how the entire plan should be done and put together.

Having listed down some of the positive points, let us now move onto the negative points. One negative aspect we have noted about this package is that, you may need some time to download the plans due to their large file sizes. However, there is an option for you to upgrade your purchase to receive a physical DVD of the entire package so you need not spend time downloading each and every plan in the members’ area.

Customers’ Feedback About Teds Woodworking Plans

Most of the customers who have bought Teds Woodworking plans have full of praises about it. Many of them like the fact that everything is very nicely laid out, with lots of great woodworking plans that they can work on.

Also, Ted has included many full-color pictures, with every thorough descriptions of every aspect of each woodworking project detailed, making it extremely easy for anyone to be able to understand and follow through.

Plus, at the price that Ted is selling the entire package, many advanced woodworkers actually said that Ted is in fact, selling himself short!

Our Final Verdict

All in all, we find Teds Woodworking plans one of the most complete woodworking products in the market place.

Ted has designed the entire package in such a way that makes it suitable for everyone – For beginners, the clear and concise instructions for each of the plans makes it extremely easy for one to be able to follow through. And for advanced, as well as professional woodworkers, you will appreciate the fact that there are a huge variety of different woodworking projects that you can work on (there are more than 16,000 projects you will find in the members’ area).

Also, Ted has a wonderful after-sales customer service support which allow you to get help from time to time (when you need them), and all emails are being responded to within 24 hours – This is something we find extremely desirable (especially for beginner woodworkers).

With that, Teds Woodworking plans is something where we highly recommend!

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