The Alchemist An Inspirational Novel

The author of this enchanting book is Paulo Coelho who inspired millions of his loyal readers all over the world. What makes this book very popular it’s because of its simplicity and the knowledge it provides. It is about the Andalusian shepherd named Santiago who originate from Spain that went to Egypt desert searching for the treasure in one of the Pyramids.

The primary protagonist of the story is Santiago who dreamt of finding someday the treasure that he thinks is hidden in the pyramids of Egypt. He pursues his quest to find the treasure because he was being encouraged by a gypsy and an old man. Understanding one’s destiny is the only obligation man has, this is what the old man told Santiago.

It was also stated in the story that in order to get something that you want you need to work for it and the universe will help you in achieving it. As the story continues he really wants to find that treasure that he even sold his sheep and travel to Africa in Tangiers. But a thief stole his money, that he has no other choice but to take the job with crystal merchant who teaches Santiago essential lessons of his journey.

He was able to work hard and earn a lot of money and then return home. However, something unexpected happens. Santiago meets this Englishman, he was inspired by the passion for the relentless quest and knowledge to unleash the secrets behind alchemy that he continues the dream of looking for the treasure.

As he continues to look for the 200 year old alchemist who has been in the oasis desert , Santiago fell in love with a young woman, Fatima. Santiago thought he found the treasure that he is looking for when he found love with Fatima. However, the greatest challenge of all is yet to come.

With the help of the alchemist he was able to complete his last leg of the journey. The treasure he was looking for was waiting for him in a place where he least expect it. The story of the Alchemist is very inspiring and timeless, it is also exotic and simple. It has been inspiring millions of readers in the past and even at the present time.

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