True Religion Jeans – Searching For That 70’s Look?

Over the past decade, the marketplace has been virtually inundated with a bag full of brands in Jeans, making it hard, if not impossible, to separate the ordinary from the unique (the hackneyed, colors and styles of jeans being what they are!). Well, that’s the general perception (or misconception), as there are always exceptions to the rule. One outstanding, example is ‘True Religion Jeans’, who neutralized this myth back in 2002, when founder, Jeffrey Lubell introduced an amazingly, different line of jeans under the ‘True Religion Jeans’ label.

The True Religion Jeans that Jeff Lubell created were authentically, American-made, and a result of his passion to replicate the body-clinging, 1970s ‘Hippy-Bohemian’ look. Within a short span of time since they were launched, True Religion Jeans has become a premium, lifestyle brand and a significant, player in the hi-end, luxury, jeans market around the world. As evidence of its success, True Religion Jeans are now available online, and in premium boutiques, department stores and high-end, clothing stores, in over 50 countries, on all five continents.

A closer review of True Religion Jeans throws up some interesting facts and reveals just how they have virtually redefined the meaning of unique jean styling. As reports suggest, and those echoed by company officials, True Religion is not just the creator of the exclusive, sleek and form-fitting, True Religion Jeans, but also a pioneer in other aspects of jean-making.

1) To achieve the distinctive, slick and sleek look of their jeans, True Religion designed special fabric molds specifically tailored to different body contour lines. Owing to these molds, True Religion Jeans are incomparably, stylish, sleek, and body-contoured, without being uncomfortably, tight.

2) To produce fabrics, unlike any other in the market, True Religion joined hands with top US fabric manufacturers. The resultant vintage, hand-sanded washes that True Religion Jeans are put through, and their distinctly noticeable, hand-crafted shadowing, natural lines and luster, are other major factors that add to their unique appeal.

3) Another pioneering, achievement of True Religion Jeans, lies in the stitching process. As opposed to standard jeans that incorporate 12 / 13 stitches per inch, all True Religion Jeans have 5 / 7 stitches per inch. What’s more, each pair of True Religion Jeans has 5 / 7 different colored threads that are embroidered into them. This is what gives True Religion Jeans their striking, eye-catching, appearance.

4) Another factor that gives True Religion Jeans their ageless styling, yet seemingly modern look, is the process that they are put through. First, the jeans are pre-washed, then rolled and subjected to an ‘agitation’ process. The result is a better level of softness, aimed specifically to provide optimum comfort. No chemical treatment process is used for the fabrics, or during production.

Other aspects of True Religion Jeans worth noting are their ideally located pockets which accentuate the slim look, the fashion-forward seams, and the striking, colorful embroidery work. It is precisely the combination of all the above factors that give True Religion Jeans its own distinct, hand-crafted personality. Are True Religion Jeans a good buy? You can bet your bucks they are!

This article was written by Veronica Topaz. In this article Veronica covers the history and quality of True Religion Jeans. Veronica shops for her True Religion Jeans and Rock and Republic Jeans at because of their large inventory and great low prices.

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