Untying the Knots of Forensic DNA Testing and Its Effectiveness

It is quite important to understand that it may not always be possible or accurate to obtain the DNA sample using oral swabs as in many cases where the alleged person is deceased or unavailable for the test. This makes it important for availability of one such service which can offer other alternatives of getting a DNA sample. Today, there are discreet samples which may be used for DNA Test and this is called Forensic DNA Testing. The samples can be taken from bone marrow, semen, blood stain, ear swab, cigarette butt and many more.

Types of Forensic DNA Testing

Generally, there are two main types of forensic DNA testing available in the market which clients may choose as per their specific requirements and preferences. The two types are better known as RFLP and PCR based testing; however both these terms are not very descriptive for a common man to understand. Generally, the RFLP testing requires larger amounts of DNA samples, and moreover the DNA must not be degraded. The PCR-based testing requires comparatively lesser DNA than RFLP testing and the DNA can be partially degraded. Although, the PCR testing has certain sample size and degradation limitations which must be adhered to.

Process of Forensic DNA Testing

The long process of Forensic DNA Testing starts with evidence submission. Evidence is generally submitted to any of the service provider well in advance so that proper time is given for performing the test. Once the evidence submission is completed, the forensic team inspects and reviews the evidence received while maintaining a strict chain of custody. Moreover, at the time of examination, the analyst uses best possible techniques to detect every possible lead for the presence of biological stains for DNA. Later, with the total amount of DNA material available, different DNA testing systems are used.

Further, a genetic profile of each sample is generated and the statistical calculations are conducted. The final step is of result interpretation in which the forensic report describes the items analyzed and its key analyses. The results generated by the various other tests are also examined and are later summarized in a prescribed format. The report also includes conclusions of the testing and the genetic statistics. Clients may discuss the report with forensic experts for a detailed guidance.

Effectiveness of Forensic DNA Testing

Forensic DNA Test is undoubtedly one of the most important tools in the field of forensics and is hopefully considered to yield more applications for DNA profiling in the near future. The current market techniques and applications are frequently refined and enhanced to provide an even greater level of accuracy and reliability.

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