UW’s Chris Petersen: ‘I feel really excited that I can be here a long time’

Petersen talks about his new contract extension, assistant coaches’ raises, UW’s young secondary and more.

Washington coach Chris Petersen met with the media after Wednesday’s practice. Here’s what he had to say about his new contract extension, announced Tuesday, and more:

(What was your time in the coaches’ sprint at the end of practice?) “Very, very slow. We have a few hamstrings but you don’t have to worry about me pulling a hamstring. We’re good.”

(On you and your staff getting locked up with new extensions) “I can’t tell you how appreciative and supportive we all feel. And I felt that from the day that we decided to come over here, when Scott (Woodward) and Jen (Cohen) brought us over here. It’s never changed. The thing I think is so awesome about this is, President Cauce, Jennifer Cohen — they have such a great vision. They just really want to be good, so when somebody gives you everything they have to be good, recruit the best players and coaches, these are the places you want to be at. It’s not just about any one person and everybody likes to talk about the head coach, but to take care of the assistants and just our players — they give our players everything they could possibly give them — just feel extremely appreciative and every day I walk in here I think about that.”

(How important is staff continuity to you?) “I think that’s one of the keys to long-term success. There’s so many factors that come into play in terms of staff continuity because I really feel like this place is going to attract the best of the best. I think we can recruit the best players, the best coaches, here. There’s always going to be opportunities where even though this is one of the best places in the country there might be another opportunity because these guys are so good. We have to be able to reload and continue to bring in high level talent to sustain what we’re trying to get done here. When…

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