Vintage Engagement Rings ” Why Choose Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are precious heirlooms that can be passed on to future generations. They are unique and usually sentimental symbols of faith, love, fidelity, promise and commitment. As a symbol of commitment by two people who promised to love each other and be together through good times and bad, the vintage engagement ring serves as a seal to the promises made. Vintage engagement rings are also considered eternity rings to show that the vows taken are forever.

Vintage engagement rings are perfect for those who love old and antique. These are rings that cannot look or even appear new or modern. It is because the vintage engagement rings are designed to look old and not new. They can either be authentic antique rings or not. There are different types of vintage engagement rings. Here are three of the most popular types:

Victorian engagement rings

Victorian engagement rings are one of the rarest vintage engagement rings. They were made with yellow gold, rubies or sapphires or silver with diamonds. Those that were made between 1837 and 1901 when diamonds were popularly used in engagement rings are Victorian engagement rings.

Edwardian engagement rings

Edwardian engagement rings existed between 1901 and 1920. These rings are notably made from platinum instead of gold. Very strikingly as well as is the use of sapphire as the main gemstone rather than diamonds. Diamonds were simply used as side stones, thus, making the Edwardian engagement rings uniquely creation from other vintage engagement rings.

Art Deco engagement rings

Art Deco engagement rings existed between 1920 and 1930. These are geometrically shaped rings covered with diamonds. These rings were often made with platinum and were styled with an odd, boxy look. They were also set with diamonds and other colorful stones.

Not everyone likes vintage engagement rings, especially those who are very modern. However, these rings have lots of advantages to offer and here are some reasons why.

1. Vintage engagement rings can be used as heirlooms. Most vintage engagement rings are precious heirlooms that have been passed down for generations. They have that classic beauty and elegance.

2. Vintage engagement rings usually have sentimental values. These rings are attached with stories, tradition and history that owners and wearers valued or treasured. New and modern rings cannot offer or do not have such attachments the way vintage rings possess.

3. Vintage engagement rings are more unique compared to new and modern rings. The odd and unique designs of the vintage engagement rings would cause the onlooker to be in awe and wonder at its beauty and mystery. And such unique style makes them actually stand-out above the rest.

Some were made of stones that have bold colors, while others were designed with a harshly geometric and symmetrical theme. There are vintage engagement rings that are absolutely stunning and with immaculate designs. There are those with large constructions of stones and metals.

4. Vintage engagement rings are less expensive than new and modern engagement rings, but, they have the same quality as the new ones.

5. Vintage engagement rings are proven to be strong and durable for they have stood the test of time. This is very essential, especially if they are meant to be inherited.

When looking for vintage engagement rings, you have to be knowledgeable about them so as not to be tricked.

1. Do not be swayed to pay hundreds of dollars for fake or worthless vintage engagement rings from unscrupulous sellers whose jobs are to get buyers. Look only from reputable antique dealers or stores for vintage rings.

2. Ask for certified information on the rings size, color, clarity and age from a gemologist. Make certain that the ring is vintage.

3. If the vintage engagement rings have diamonds for gemstones, since its the hardest of all gemstone, you wont have any problem. There are other gemstones that are much more fragile like pearls. So it is very essential to always check for cracks in the stone.

4. When you are on a tight budget but desire to find a vintage diamond engagement ring, find rings that have smaller diamond setting. Search for vintage diamond rings made during the 1930s if you want smaller diamonds that looks larger. These rings were ornamentally decorated with carvings that will make the stones look larger. offers absolutely stunning vintage engagement rings of timeless styles you can treasure forever. Our extensive ranges of select exquisite quality vintage engagement rings are offered at discounted and exciting prices on eBay and Amazon.

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