What 8 Skater Types Wore to Their Lower East Side Coffee House

Oliver Coffee is a new, of-the-moment hangout on the Lower East Side. Here’s what regulars wore on a recent Monday.

The fringes of Chinatown in Manhattan continue to be fertile ground for new insider-y hangouts. Joining of-the-moment haunts like Dimes and Kiki’s is Oliver Coffee, a one-table cafe at the triangle tip of Oliver Street and St. James Place with a newsstand that sells indie fashion and art magazines as well as global snacks from the company Import. While not quite the skateboard clubhouse that Supreme was in the 1990s, the coffeehouse does see a steady stream of skater types seeking midday pick-me-ups. On a recent Monday, regulars shared their fashion outlook for spring.

CreditAlex Welsh for The New York Times

David Brewer II

Occupation: D.J. and producer

Age: 34

You’re wearing a Richardson Hardware T-shirt.

It’s Richardson magazine, but they put out these T-shirts that look like hardware T-shirts. 

You’ve got an “H” on your hat.

For Huf. It’s a skate brand.

Your socks are sticking out. Are they Mets socks?

It’s the Mets’ colors. The socks are from Mighty Healthy, a skate brand. 

Are you a skater?

I am not.  I used to, back in the day.

CreditAlex Welsh for The New York Times

Banna Gebremichael

Occupation: Owner of Glazed NYC, an accessories brand

Age: 23 

Your shirt says, “Jerusalem, Israel.”

This is actually my dad’s shirt.  I just collect his shirts whenever I go home.

Did you just throw on some chinos?

I didn’t feel like wearing a dress or anything.  I wanted to wear something chill and comfy.  And then I threw on some Vans.

Are you wearing any of your own accessories?

I’m not, and I feel like a fool.  I just washed my hair this morning, and I have an Afro, and I didn’t want my hair to bend if I wore the beret. But I wanted some air-drying sun in it.

The scene outside Oliver Coffee in Chinatown. Alex Welsh for The New York TimesCredit

CreditAlex Welsh for The New York Times

Nicholas Wachtel

Occupation: Painter

Age: 37 

That’s a…

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