Who needs Photoshop? Hone your skills by shooting everything “In Camera”



By the time I was serious about getting into the world of photography, the “digital revolution” was going full-steam. My first “real camera” was a Nikon D80, and based on what I read online and from other photographer friends, I was firmly swayed to shoot in RAW mode and then explore the world of photo editing software. This has been the norm for me ever since.

What’s your typical digital photography workflow? For me, and I bet for many of you experienced photographers out there, it’s something like this: set camera to RAW (I mean, it should be set to that already, right?); take photos; return home to computer; remove memory card; import RAW files into photo editing software of choice; tweak files to heart’s content; and finally, save, export and publish (or print) a few select images.

Boy, that’s a lot of steps. I don’t know about you, but for me, this workflow also puts a lot of the emphasis on the post-production side of the photography process. Lots of tweaking exposure, pulling back highlights, lifting shadows and applying sharpening, plus, depending on the type of photography, perhaps a lot of time spent cloning, healing or doing other digital manipulation.

But what if digital photography didn’t require you to work that way? What if you could focus purely on capturing photographs? Right then and there. What if you could just do everything in-camera, without relying further on complex and often expensive photo editing software? What if you could discover that your camera is already capable of producing high quality photographs without any additional editing, even in tricky shooting scenarios?

Well, that’s the goal of a new photography book, In Camera, penned by fellow camera-reviewer Gordon Laing, founder of Camera Labs. His new hardback photo book is set up as an inspirational and instructional “photography cookbook,” if you will, that explores how to capture…

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