Why Didn’t My Air Bag Go Off In Crash? « CBS Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13)- You’ve heard of air bags exploding when they shouldn’t, some even killing people, but Sacramento mom Effie Greer says her car’s airbag did not go off in a crash when her sister was driving.

After picking kids from school, Greer’s sister was driving her car right in front of her when another vehicle ran a stop light, crashing into her sister.

“I was thinking I was going to see the white pillow thing,” said Greer.

The police report says she was going 25 to 30 miles per hour when her car collided with a car coming from the side.

“How much more did the car need to go through to deploy the air bags?” asks Greer.

We found that since 2008 federal records show at least 57 complaints of air bags not deploying, involving one death and 51 people injured. We turned to the people behind crash tests who say it’s rare to hear of a new car, with an air bag…

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