Why Some People Can Make a Six Figure Income Easily, And You Can’t

The American dream inspires people to thrive for a six figure income. Some people achieve it easily, and what appears to be instantaneously, while others struggle to make a measly few bucks working their bones to the ground while living paycheck to paycheck.

The secret of the the six figure income is a mystery to most of the population. But the ones who have achieved it know that there are two simple principles to achieve the six figure income. It is not a mystery, it is a request, a desire and a driven belief that you will get the six figure income you desire.

There are two ways you can achieve it. But you will have to take initiative on the exact desire, and drive to earn what you are worth. First let’s look at the path which will give you the exact six figure income, or even multiple six figures you have always dreamed about.

The first path that most people “try” first is the road where the employer pays you what they think you are worth. It comes at a price, a sacrifice that you will make to get what you think you are really worth.

The second path is what most successful six figure income earners take after they have realized that the first path has boundaries and puts their financial future in the hands of another person. This second path is a road less traveled, but once traveled, most will never go back.

If you have ever asked for a raise, you know having someone else dictate your income can be very disheartening, and make you feel like you have absolutely no control of your financial worth. It does take a lot to overcome this barrier, and have the employer you work for agree that you should be paid a high six figure income.

To overcome that barrier, it takes time, and an effort on your part that is often missed by the average worker. You will have to exceed expectations of your employer by doing things above and beyond your job description. You will have to be at the right company that has a track record for paying their employees high six figure incomes.

In some cases, it can take years to work your way up, but if you believe you deserve the six figure income, and you can show you deserve it, you will get it.

Most people just stop at the job description, and don’t think beyond to do what will help the employer. This technique works if you apply it consistently. You will have to sacrifice time, give up nights and weekends in most cases, and be patient. Usually it means doing a job before you are paid for the job.

Although this technique works, and is done time and time again, it is not the quickest or smartest way to make a six figure income, or even multiple six figure income. Ask anyone who has achieved it, and moved on to better things.

The real secret in achieving your dream of a six figure income is to be your own boss, and by using a business model that puts profits into your pocket.

I warn you that not all business models, or ideas will let you achieve your income goal. You want to carefully select a proven system with six and seven figure earners that you can duplicate for yourself. Starting from scratch will take you longer, and most likely be in the 95% that fail.

Even with a proven business model this process still takes time, and with the right business opportunity could be cut down to 3, 6, of 12 months instead of years in the corporate world. This does take effort, but anything worth while does.

You have to be disciplined and follow the exact system six figure entrepreneurs do to make their businesses successful. You want to be wary of the businesses that require you to work 12-16 hour days in exchange for this six figure income. If you don’t have the free time to enjoy the money, it isn’t leveraging your effort.

You want to look for a business model that allows you time freedom to do your business from anywhere, at any time. You want high profits, low overhead, and an integrated marketing system that will work for you 24/7. You want to have an education platform that will teach you every thing you need to know about running a successful business. Take all of these considerations seriously, it could be the difference in your success or failure.

The ideal situation I have found, after many mistakes, is a complete business model with all of these elements together in one place. This allows you to focus on what makes you money, and leverage your time. Once this is done properly, you will find that your income will exceed your original expectation. You will find that you have the potential to earn six figures, multiple six figures, and even seven figures if you are really driven.

Both of these paths are not for the weak. This process is for someone who is driven, and sick of being underpaid for what they are really worth. You have to take a stand, and control your destiny. If you choose to have an employer pay you a six figure income, do what it takes. If you choose to be your own boss, be smart, and work smarter, not harder.

Six figure incomes are achieved everyday. Is it your turn to get paid what you are worth?

We are a husband and wife team who were at the end of our rope. We had given up our six figure jobs to start a brick and mortar business and invested upwards of a quarter of a million dollars to end up with absolutely nothing at the end of a seven year push. We had debts to pay off, and had start over with virtually nothing to stand on. All we wanted was to work at home so we could raise our kids and work from anywhere in the world. http://www.WealthCreationTemplate.com/?t=article12.09is
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