Why the UK is such an Attractive Market for Student Property Investors

Reports say that about 1.4 million students are currently in the country for study purposes. More than the half of the total number of students is granted the quality purpose-build students beds across the UK. The difference is calculated on average bases perhaps there are some other regions in the UK where this imbalance between the supply and demand of student housing is more than that of the average.

Likewise London the difference is huge than any other part of the UK. Where reports say that more than a hundred thousand students are currently in London and most of them are experiencing low supply accommodation and by the mean time it will get worse as students are likely migrating to UK to fulfill their education appetite. 

More likely the areas near to the institutions particularly universities where student’s number is in thousands are as sweet as honey in terms of student housing because students always prefer to choose their accommodation nearer to their institutions whereas these areas are not fulfilling their demands because a massive shortage is found in student accommodation.

So the whole study reveals the bright side of this industry where the current situation is quite eye-catching for the investors who can invest in such fruitful industry where yields are higher than any of the property investments. Investors would have the better opportunity by investing in this potential and cost effective industry.

Now a question mark is on the faces of the investors that which areas are suitable by investment point of view to raise the supply of student housing where they would cater the business. The answer is simple try to invest in such dense areas where the students are more likely to stay in.

First we must understand the difference between the university going and college or school going student. The university going students are more likely from the high class where institution fee are too high, not easily affordable for the middle class. So the…

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