Your Bicycle Needs Servicing, if it Creaks When Applying Brakes!

Cyclists often tend to overlook smaller issues such as the creaks and sounds that their bicycle produces when applying the brakes. But, bicycle experts suggest that this could be a clue of an underlying imperfection in the braking surface. Ideally, your bike shouldn’t produce sounds other than the click of freewheel or swoosh of tires on the road. In case it makes other sounds and noises, bet it has got a problem. If detected at early stage, many of these problems are remediable. Sometimes, all that fixing these smaller issues needs is tightening up a bolt here or a nut there. But if ignored, the problem may cause serious damage to your bike. Worse still, you might get injured or find yourself absolutely stranded when the problem gets serious. Since most bike noises have similar repeating pattern, you must first identify the pattern to be able to locate the source of the problem.

How to Determine if the Noise is a Sign of an Impending Problem?

If it’s a new bike or a new wheel, a slight irregularity might be present due to the braking surface’s unevenness at the seam. In simple cases, you can expect this noise to go away after riding a few hundred km/miles. However, in severe cases, the rim could be defective and, therefore, need wheel replacement. In your old bike that had been okay so far, this kind of pulsation might develop as a result of road hazards including stone, pothole, etc. Many a times, such a blip is repairable at home by judicially using the hammer or a pair of pliers designed for the purpose of bike repairs. In most cases, however, you will need the help of a bicycle service expert such as those at Bicycle Nation.

Bicycle Nation has extensively experienced and adept bicycle service men who will be at your disposal wherever you need their help throughout London. Whether it’s about fixing a punctured tyre or replacing the wobbly wheels or repairing the brakes, these expert guys will come out to service or fix your bike at your convenient time…

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